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Feminine Type Premade Theme

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This is my latest pre-made, a customization of the Twenty Seventeen theme that is included in the latest launch of WordPress. You can see the live site here
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Newest PreMade Template Site

General, Logo Design, PreMade Template, Promoting Your Business, Small Business, Website Design, Wisconsin Website Design
Just finished my latest pre-made template. I started it this morning and finished it about an hour ago. You can check it out here. It’s a template that will be going in my pre-made portfolio. Pre-made designs are one of a kind designs that I create on my off-time and that can be customized to any type of business. Pre-mades are for people who have a low start-up budget, as are Business Card sites and Starter Packages. You can see all my services and pricing on my Pricing page. Facebook was never meant to be your primary source of advertising, at best it, and other social media, are meant to work WITH your website. A creative, professionally designed website will showcase you and your business. It will show your current and potential clients that you operate your business as a business, not like someone who works out of their basement.
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Just Like Falling Off a Horse

General, Logo Design, Promoting Your Business, Small Business, Web Design, Website Design, Wisconsin Website Design
Well, not really, lol. I decided earlier this week to really give my web design business a kick in the arse; its been nearly a year since I’ve created a new design (and I really haven’t done much advertising for it – my love of photography has rudely shoved my love of web design into the back seat, lol). So I sat down Monday morning (years ago I called Monday “Pimp Mama Out Monday” cuz that was the day I would send out cold call letters to likely clients; the ones who either didn’t HAVE a website, or looked as though they needed a website. The kids got a great big laugh out of it. It took me years to get the few clients I had, lol). and thought I’d just bang out a website like I used to. Um, no.
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Is This Missing From YOUR Website?

General, Marketing, Promoting Your Business, Small Business, Wisconsin Website Design
Very few people enter your website from your home/index page. So you MUST include some specific information on EVERY PAGE. If you provide a service (as opposed to a mailable product) your physical address is very important. Your potential clients need to know where you are located – don’t make them look for it. Potential clients want to know how to contact you, whether it’s via email or phone number – don’t make them look for your contact information. Every page should have the following information, preferably at the top of the page: Your business name Your location Your contact info (phone number or email)
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Nothing like starting over from scratch. Well, not completely. I still have my basic text and what have you, but over the course of the past 8 years I’ve lost nearly all of my mainstream clients. I’m gonna have to do some hustle to fatten up that portfolio. Need a website? Hit me up, I do kick-ass work (really) and am working for peanuts to re-build my portfolio.
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