How to Promote Your Day Spa on Twitter

How to Promote Your Day Spa on Twitter

By Sabah Karimi

Twitter is one of the easiest ways to build a strong following online, but it’s grown to become more than just a micro-blogging platform and communication tool. Small businesses including day spas can leverage Twitter to attract new clients, stay in touch with guests and promote specials and other spa news.

If you’re a day spa owner looking for ways to promote your business online – for free – here are some tips for promoting your day spa using Twitter:

  1. Use a Twitter directory to find potential clients. Twitter directories such as WeFollow and are among the fastest growing directories online, and can help you narrow down the field of tweeters based on keywords such as ‘spa’, ‘day spa’, but also by location. The location search feature is possibly one of the best ways to narrow down the field and find prospective guests. When you’ve found them, just follow them and wait for them to follow you back.
  2. Update at least once per day. Staying active on Twitter is an easy way to keep your day spa at the ‘top of mind’ for most of your clients. Even when you’re not pushing out sales, updates about your spa and incentives, people will remember you simply because you’re actively in their Twitter stream on a regular basis. Get into the Twitter habit as part of a brand awareness strategy.
  3. Promote all types of content. You don’t have to promote links that are only relevant to your website. Make the most of Twitter by posting interesting news, tips and articles you’ve found across the web. This could include anything from beauty tips for the season to spa trends. The goal is to encourage interaction from the people who are following you, and contribute to the community of followers you’ve built.
  4. Don’t use the auto-DM feature. Many Twitter users – small businesses included – set up an automatic direct message to anyone that follows them. While this may send you some traffic, most people consider it a type of spam. As long as your spa website is clearly listed in your profile, you don’t need to add an auto-DM to your account.
  5. Use keywords in your bio. Many people use Twitter search and other search applications to find new followers, and they can track you down based on the words you use to describe yourself. Make sure you’re using keywords such as ‘day spa’, ‘day spa + your location’, and other relevant items that might attract your target audience. An example of a bio that uses strong spa-related keywords in itsTwitter profile is:
  6. Promote Twitter-only specials. Restaurants, the travel industry and retailers are already harnessing Twitter to generate more sales. Consider running a Twitter-only special with a special promo code that spa clients can use on their next service. It’s a fun way to promote your spa and generate more interest in your business. Plus, this particular tweet is easy to share (retweet), which could mean more business for you.

Twitter can be a very valuable marketing tool for day spa owners, and you can use it to promote your spa and services without coming across as ‘spammy’. Use these tips to start promoting your day spa on Twitter so that you can stay in touch with current and future clients, and book more treatments in the long-term.

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