It’s Been Such A Long Time, Baby

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I’ll be he first to admit that I’ve been slacking in the web design area of my business and I feel like a real A-hole. Web design paid my bills for A lot of years. I met a LOT of great people (not the least of whom was one of THE New York Housewives) and I REALLY enjoyed bringing my clients visions of their websites to life. But photography caught e by the hand and took me racing down a twisting turning, rabbit hole of love and confusion and frustration. You know how it is when you’re in love … everything else takes a back seat. And Web Design faded slowly into the past, without a backyard glance from me and only the tiniest of pangs in my heart.

Photography and web design are a lot in so many ways, the least of which is when your client looks a the finished project and gasps in wonder that I’ve caught their personality, whether with my camera or with my keyboard. And I do, because I pay attention to what my clients say while we’re working together, sometimes they don’t even realize that they SAYING anything important. And yet, there it is, at the end, that spacial part of them, on the website or in their favorite photo.

And so, because I dearly miss working with web design and WordPress and spending more than an hour or so with my clients, I am breathing new life into my web design and JLReis Web Design and hosting is born. Welcome to the “grand gimme all.”

Keep watching, there will be educational pieces, tutorials and of course mad new designs.

Join the party!!

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