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Marshal is a used car and new motor sports vehicle dealer in Appleton, WI. We’ve been working together for two years, but neither one of us was ever really happy with the original design. We decided to start from scratch and build a new site from the ground up. I knew Marshal needed something a quick and simple way to add his inventory to the site in a cohesive manner without a lot of work; the site also had to be accessible to all browsers and mobile devices. Marshal sells used cars, as well as new and used mopeds, ATVs, scooters and several other types of motorized vehicles. See Lightning Motor Sales’ newly red-designed site at http://lightningmotorsales.com/! Save Save
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Shiocton, WI Website Design | Dragonfly Paddlers | Seymour, Wisconsin Website Design

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One of the ways that JLReis Web Design helps small business owners is to bring their vision of their business to the web. So when Larry approached me to design a website for Dragonfly Paddlers, I was more than happy to jump aboard. Larry made my job easy by designing the very cool Dragonfly Paddlers logo and supplying me with with several dozen great photos and some very detailed content. See Dragonfly Paddler’s new site at http://shioctonkayakcanoe.com/!
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New York City Website Design | Mayet Fitness | Seymour Wisconsin Website Design

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I’ve been working with Kat on the Mayet Fitness website for the past couple of months. Mayet Fitness is located in NYC, employs a highly trained staff of trainers and offers any number of classes as well as state of the art exercise equipment. As always, working with Kat has been a treat and I wish her the best with her new business endeavor! Mayet Fitness Save
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Yummy Ravioli | Seymour Wisconsin Website Design

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“I love to feed my family healthy, homemade, great tasting food. Our products are handmade, all natural, fresh, delicious, quick and easy. I’ve eaten these ravioli since I was a kid and still haven’t had any better.” ~ Heather Korte, founder of Yummy Ravioli Yummy Ravioli is expanding into retail outlets throughout Michigan and they wanted an easily navigated website that showcased their delicious product. And I know it’s delicious, cuz I had it for supper last night!
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JADE&maxine | Seymour Wisconsin Website Design

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“We are JADE&maxine – two lost souls looking for something yummy to bake, or beautiful to make. [ … ] We are new friends, in an old town – trying to hush our appetites and beautify our world. keep up, you’re running with some of the fastest girls in town.” ~ JADE, blogger at JADE&maxine Jade wanted a site that would showcase her cooking hobby and her brand new pink MixMaster. We think she got what she wanted
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