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Feminine Type Premade Theme

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This is my latest pre-made, a customization of the Twenty Seventeen theme that is included in the latest launch of WordPress. You can see the live site here
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Just Like Falling Off a Horse

General, Logo Design, Promoting Your Business, Small Business, Web Design, Website Design, Wisconsin Website Design
Well, not really, lol. I decided earlier this week to really give my web design business a kick in the arse; its been nearly a year since I’ve created a new design (and I really haven’t done much advertising for it – my love of photography has rudely shoved my love of web design into the back seat, lol). So I sat down Monday morning (years ago I called Monday “Pimp Mama Out Monday” cuz that was the day I would send out cold call letters to likely clients; the ones who either didn’t HAVE a website, or looked as though they needed a website. The kids got a great big laugh out of it. It took me years to get the few clients I had, lol). and thought I’d just bang out a website like I used to. Um, no.
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It’s Been Such A Long Time, Baby

Small Business, Web Design, Website Design, Wisconsin Website Design
I’ll be he first to admit that I’ve been slacking in the web design area of my business and I feel like a real A-hole. Web design paid my bills for A lot of years. I met a LOT of great people (not the least of whom was one of THE New York Housewives) and I REALLY enjoyed bringing my clients visions of their websites to life. But photography caught e by the hand and took me racing down a twisting turning, rabbit hole of love and confusion and frustration. You know how it is when you’re in love … everything else takes a back seat. And Web Design faded slowly into the past, without a backyard glance from me and only the tiniest of pangs in my heart. Photography and web design are a lot in so many ways, the least of which is when your client looks a the finished project and gasps in wonder that I’ve caught their personality, whether with my camera or with my keyboard. And I do, because I pay attention to what my clients say while we’re working ...
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Seattle Website Design | Blue Egg Photo | Wisconsin Website Designer

Small Business, Web Design, Web Design Portfolio, Website Design, Website Launch
I don’t usually work with ProPhoto templates; ProPhoto is a great company and they have a lot of fans, but I’m more comfortable working directly with WordPress. In this case, Robyn was clear and on-point with how she wanted her theme to look, so getting her site together was a snap. Plus, she had all those pretty babies to look at! Robyn specializes in newborn and infant photography in the Seattle, WA area. See Robyn’s new site at http://www.blueeggphoto.com!
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